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Meat Hook



4/0 & 5/0 Sizes

6/0 & 7/0 Sizes

Meat Hook Packaging

• Premium Mustad Hook
• Ultra-sharp point
• Extra wide gap design
• Heavyweight screw-lock head
• Streamlined rear-weighted versions
• Perfect for frogs & swimbaits

The Meat Hook is the industries' newest screw-lock, and like the Chubby, we've paid attention to every detail in order to bring you the best. It is super strong with an ultra sharp point that is very durable. It has an extra wide gap, and a heavy-duty screw-lock to secure your bait right where you want it.

At Secret Lures we understand the hook you use is as important as the bait you dress it up with. The Meat Hook is designed to stick the biggest of fish with little flex. It is built around a premium extra wide gap Mustad hook, which helps keep those big ones buttoned up. If you plan on winching them out of the slop, or throwing a swimbait around cover, the Meat Hook needs to be on the end of your line.

Meat Hook Weight Detail

The weighted hooks have lead that is tapered close to the shank and placed near the rear of the bait. Field-testing has shown that this gives our frogs fantastic action, while improving castability. This configuration is also perfect for today's popular soft-plastic swimbaits. A weighted Meat Hook gives the swimbait a more horizontal fall and flutter, versus a nose weighted hook. If you let it flutter all the way to the bottom, the flat spot on the bottom of our hooks also ensure that bait will rest correctly on its belly.

Meat Hook Screw Lock Detail

Last but not least, the screw-lock head ensures you can rig your frogs and swimbaits straight every time, which is critical to getting that perfect action. Once locked in, the nose of your bait will stay put...no more balled up plastic and lost fish on the hookset!

The Meat Hook is available in 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 and 7/0, in both weighted and unweighted varieties. Weighted hooks come unpainted in 1/8 oz, 3/16 oz, and 1/4 oz. 


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