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Stupid Tubes


• Hand dipped Salted Tubes
• Darting and Gliding Action
• Official tube of Terry McWilliams and Matt McCoy
   (Bassmaster Classic Qualifiers and Divisional Champions)
$4.09 /pack of 8


Stupid Tube

The Stupid Tube™ by Secret Lures is a custom designed tube and jig head that work together in a way that could hopefully qualify you for the Bassmaster Classic or win you an All-American title. The Stupid Tube has a secret history of catching fish when all else fails (something about it flat out catches fish). We at Secret Lures have created the complete system and tweaked it to perfection. The Stupid Tube is a 3.7 inch hand dipped salted plastic tube that can be used multiple ways; but excels at the Stupid Tube rigging.

The Stupid Tube™ was designed by Terry McWilliams (2007 Bassmaster Classic 4th Place finisher and Federation Nation Northern Division Champion) and Matt McCoy (2012 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier and 2011 Federation Nation Northern Division Champion). Secret Lures worked with these Pros to create the perfect tube for the Stupid Tube system. Terry and Matt both used the Stupid Tube to catch all of their fish to get to the Bassmaster Classic and Terry caught all his fish in the Classic on this setup. They both have used various brands over the years; but never had the perfect tube until NOW!


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