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Tips & Techniques

There are a variety of ways to rig and use the Chubby. The most common way to fish our frog is weightless and Texas-rigged as a topwater. A 4/0 or 5/0 Wide Gap hook works well, or you can use the popular frog and swim bait hooks. It works excellent around submerged vegetation, flooded brush, and even open water.

Secret Lures Chubby hook: Attach the nose of the frog to the bait holder and then bring the hook through the rear of the bait. The point should rest inside the top hook groove cavity, making the Chubby weedless.

Standard hook: A variety of wide gap hooks will fit the Chubby; however, we've found that 4/0 and 5/0 wide gaps fit best. With these standard hooks, you need to thread the hook through the nose of the frog and the point should rest inside the top hook groove cavity, tex-posed, making the Chubby weedless and ready to hook up.

Regardless of which hook you use, the Chubby draws EXPLOSIVE reaction strikes from bass. It is especially effective fished with a quick steady retrieve, similar to a buzzbait. It can be buzzed along the surface near weeds, pads, cattails, and even stumps and logs. It will also work in open water, where you would fish a buzzbait or spinnerbait. It can be burned across the surface or with a stop and go retrieve. The fish will tell you what they want!

Secret Lures weighted Chubby hook or a swimbait hook: With this weighted set-up, the Chubby can actually be retrieved at a steady pace below the surface, like today's popular soft-plastic swimbaits. The large Chubby feet create a strong vibration that stimulates fish, while offering a unique profile. Fish anywhere you would fish a swimbait, chatter-style bait, or spinnerbait.

Flipping, Pitching, Texas Rigged: The Chubby is also very effective as a bottom bouncing bait as well. Field-testing shows that with a pegged sinker, the Chubby can be a deadly weapon for flipping and pitching. The bait is most effective with 5/16 oz. or heavier sinker, which gives the Chubby a quick vertical fall. The legs and feet kick the whole way down. To get the most action from the bait, work it back in by snapping the rod tip and then letting the bait drop back to the bottom vertically. Be ready, because bites often occur as the bait falls.

Carolina Rigged: The Chubby also makes an excellent Carolina Rigged bait, since the large feet and limber legs provide so much action. When worked underwater, these feet actually give off a great deal of vibration, which stimulates a bass' lateral line. Fish are able to key in on the Chubby, even in stained and muddy water. The Chubby will glide and put off vibrations; two great features for Carolina rigging and big fish.

Frog Leg Trailer: You can cut the frog between the taper of the body and the legs, making a unique jig or spinnerbait trailer with incredible action. We love them as swim jig trailers; due to the distinct "thump" and vibration of Chubby legs. Likewise, the darker colors work great as crawfish imitations. You can even trim a notch from each foot, creating the profile of pinchers and a different "vibe".

Sight Fishing: Rigging the Chubby on a stand-up jighead or texas rigged makes it dynamite sight-fishing bait. With this nose-down presentation, the frog appears to be eating off the bottom, something that a nesting bass will not tolerate for long. Drop one of these on Big Mama’s nose this spring and hang on!

On a Jighead: Rig the Chubby on a jighead and fish in the tight cover as you would with any jig. You can also swim it on a jighead for a presentation that is new and unique.


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