Selecting the Right Stupid Tube Jig Head

We’ve proven the Stupid Tube is a great way to catch bass!  With so many new customers, we’ve been running into a common question, “What’s the BEST size of Stupid Tube Jig Head?”  Is it 3/0, 4/0, or HD…heavy or light?  We wish there was one cut and dry answer we could give everyone, but the answer is, “It depends!”.  This article should help eliminate some of the confusion and get you pointed in the right direction.

Selecting the right jig head for your Stupid Tube or Stupid Craw

The first question we ask is which of our Secret Lures Stupid Tubes do you like to throw?  Each tube has a preferred hook for it.  The Classic Stupid Tube (ST37 products) are designed for the STH series of hooks.  Both 3/0 and 4/0 STH hooks work well in the ST37 tubes.  If you like to fish the larger Flippin’ Stupid Tube (FST42 products), we reccomend the HD version.  Although it is still a 4/0, it is a heavier gauge Mustad hook, which is slightly longer than the standard Gamakatsu.  This hook has very little flex, a good wide bite, and a great fit for the larger series of tubes.  Our Big Dummy Stupid Tube (BDST45 products) can fit either the HD or the Stupid Tube Ledge Head.  The HD works best for shallow pitching, flipping, and cover fishing.  The Stupid Tube Ledge Head was designed to allow the Big Dummy to be fished deeper, more like a jig or football jig presentation.  The Ledge Head is the only version available in 5/0 and it features a horizontal line tie.

We also like to ask, “How do you like to fish it?  If the answer is a bait casting reel and pitching, flipping, casting, we usually jump to the 4/0 STH series of jig heads.  The standard STH series of jig heads feature a medium wire Gamakatsu hook and the 4/0 is slightly longer and slightly heavier guage of wire.  When the bites are likely to come in shallow water, and likely to be met with a hard hookset, we like that little extra length and stiffness of the 4/0 over the 3/0.  We’ve found spinning rod anglers, or those dragging tubes deeper, prefer the 3/0 STH series.  The hooks is a slightly smaller wire, and “sticky” sharp.  Softer hooksets, longer casts, and young/new anglers all seem to benefit from that lighter hook, and the less pressure required to set it into the fish.

The weight portion of selection is really up to the individual angler and the conditions.  One thing we will note on this topic is that the heavier you go, the more of that “death spiral” or “gliding action” you remove from your presentation.  As a rule of thumb, we always select the lightest weight we can keep bottom contact with.  Overall, the 3/16ths oz Stupid Tube Jig Head is by far the most popular size, so if you still aren’t sure, start there!

Just remember…”If you’re going to do something STUPID, do it RIGHT!”